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We’re an event and music promotion company all set to bring in a culture shift in the scene. In other words, you imagine, we create experiences that don’t just exist but live a full life.


Hello there! Welcome to our kingspace.
We’re looking to bring into vogue, events of all flavours and sizes that speak for themselves, nurturing a culture of live experiences. We’ve got our own magic tricks and benefits up the sleeve to save you from all the hassle and letting you focus on the unbearable joy of the moment. We’re powered by the urge to create compelling experiences and if that’s something you’re looking for, no worries, we’ve got you abso-flippin-lutely covered.

360° Event Planning

Action to cut, we’re the do it alls!

Brand Consultancy & Marketing

Enhancing a culture for your brand.


Meetings, incentives, conventions, exhibitions, you name it!

Media Planning

A plan tailored to your desires.

Digital Marketing

For a smooth sailing digital life.


Seasoned and personal to get you going!

Music Promotion

Well, Hey there, Mozart!
We’ve been looking forward to your arrival. No, seriously, it’s about time you took that kickass music you made to this big bright world. Be a part of our community and grow a community of your own to journey onto heights.

The Cult Network turns extant and unearthed artists into credible artists and fights the battle of visibility alongside your trajectory. Large audience or legitimate audience? Get the best of both worlds with our customised campaign. Our services exhibit a sense of belonging, that which can only come from our indie spirited burning passion to give you our best.

Radio Promotion

Exclusive airtime, wholly for you.

Artist Consultancy

Know what’s best for you.

Online Promotions

Get growing online.

Events & Festival Bookings

Housefull? Housefull.

Product Launch

Make a memory out of
your first step!


Let people know
of your masterpiece!

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Sculpture Weddings

Looking forward to your special day of memories and mirth?

Of course,we’re of high quality yada yada, but what if we told you luxury is now affordable? Have it your way from simple luxury to complex grandeur, we’r all set to create those ‘Oh so special’, intimate celebrations via a tell tale of unmatching bespoke weddings. After all, anything for the star of the show - you!

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